​Good Desires and Better Worlds


Desirism is a moral theory that holds that desires are the primary object of moral evaluation.

Morality is about using the social tools of reward and punishment - praise and condemnation - to promote interests that tend to help full (or at least prevent thwarting) other interests.

In this way, the institution of morality helps to make our lives better than they would have otherwise been.

Actually - much better.

​My name is Alonzo Fyfe

In high school, I decided that I wanted to make the world a better place than it would have otherwise been.

Unfortunately, I had to answer the question, "What is it that makes the world a better place?"

This left me with a lifetime interest in the study of moral philosophy. I have created this site to present and discuss some of the ideas that I have come up with.

I hope you find it interesting.

2017 - Present
University of Colorado - Boulder
i am currently in the graduate student program at the Department of Philosophy, University of Colorado, Boulder.
1987 - 1993
University of Maryland - College Park
In graduate school, I focused on moral theory. Though I learned that the philosophy of mind had a lot of interesting implications for what morality is and what it is used for.
Montana State University
BA, Philosophy; BA History
My interest in finding out what "a better place" would actually be like lead to the study of philosophy. My interest in it being the case that what I studied was applicable to the real world lead to a study of history and economics.